Decorating is a lot more than just getting all the fancy stuff from the nearest store and throwing them inside, without any sense of order or form. It is not about how much you can cramp into the given space, but is more like the way you do it to accentuate the beauty of the home with what’s available. Failing to understand this, one often tends to clutter their homes hoping that use of excess accessories will actually bring beauty to the room. On the contrary, it makes your home feel suffocating. Here are a few ways on how you can get rid of the mess and move towards gorgeous interiors.

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#1 Stuff you no longer use in one way or another

If you are not using something since long and feel that you will not use it anytime in the future, then just throw it out ruthlessly. You can either have a yard sale for all such stuff or even give them away in charity to people who really need them. There is no point having that old chair you never use or that lonely table in a corner which made way for the brand new one.

#2 Do not buy anything that will be too large for your interiors

If you do not need it or if you feel that certain furniture will be too large for the dimensions of your home then do not buy it. The most important aspect of getting rid of clutter is making sure that you actually do not get more useless stuff into your home. Shop smartly and do not bring things home impulsively. If you do, then you will find that the interiors of your home always appear cluttered no matter how hard you try.

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#3 Create a separate and well-defined storage space

There is stuff lying in our home that we use sparingly, but cannot afford to throw away (“I’ll use/need them at certain point”). This could be all the mess in your bedroom, kitchen and even in your living room. Instead of spreading them all over the home, create a separate storage space and put them in there. No one is going to check it out, so you can shove in. This will assure that the rest of your home feels more spacious.

#4 Decorate each room around a centerpiece

Each room needs to have a centerpiece which will ensure that there is order and method to the way you decorate stuff. The furnishings and accessories must be spaced evenly and need to be spread across the room rather than forced in a single corner. Uneven patches of free and cluttered space make a room look poorly decorated. Your centerpiece could be a fireplace, a TV in the living room or maybe your bed in the bedroom.

#5 Switch to smart furniture and modern shelve spaces

Switching to multi-purpose furniture is a way to save on space immensely and this gives a larger look to your interiors. There are many such options available today which allow you to use a couch as a bed or a center table as dining space. You can also use the folding shelves such as the modern ones provided by IKEA in corridors to hide away the clutter.

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#6 Maximize the usage of storage space

By maximizing the available space – using the walls for storage by using hanging shelves for example, you can always create more walking space and avoid the feeling of being cramped in the room.

The key to getting rid of clutter is to ensure that you know exactly what you need and what you can do away with. When your mind is clear, then so will be your home!