The world is changing at rapid pace and homes are being built bigger, better and more lavish with each passing day. Designers and customers invest time and money to build their dream homes and irrespective of where you live and how secure your locality is, you can never be too sure. Home security systems are gaining popularity for more than just one reason. Here is your way to a safer home…

#1 Install the main control board

The heart and brain of your home security system is the main control panel. It is basically the unit that handles the signals from all the cameras that you have installed, houses the sensors that pick up movement and will monitor and drive the entire system. Install the main control board right next to the power source and have a telephone line connected to ensure a complete system.

#2 Installing door sensors

If you install door sensors for a home security alarm system, you won’t prevent the thief from opening the door, but you will make the burglar run. The door sensors will obviously indicate and respond to movement and hence their installation must be just right. Place them at all the potential entrances with doors. Once you install them ensure that they separate cleanly (free of any dirt or gunk) as the doors are forced open.

#3 Put in the window sensors

You need to install the window sensors at all the points where there could be a potential security hazard. Check the signal from these sensors to the main control panel and make sure that they are connected well.

#4 Position the glass breakers correctly

Wherever there is a potential break-in possibility, place the glass breakers and check how well the sensors are working and transmitting signals to the main control board. The installation must be clean and ensure that you do not cause any damage to the existing glass, in the process.

#5 Test and calibrate before letting it go operational

The entire security system must be tested, completely checked and calibrated to respond well and in the right fashion when needed. By only completely testing the system, one could be sure that it would work without glitches at the right time. Once the tests are done, the system is ready for going operational.

#6 Take the help of an expert when needed

Installing a security system may not be that easy for every home and while some providers also give free home-installation, you can take the help of an expert in case you are not that great with electronics and gadgets (screws and bolts). You can never be too sure when it comes to safety!

Installing a home security system is easy in most cases and simple to work with. Buy one and install it yourself.