Cool and fresh apartments are not hard to find if you know where to look. These inspirational spaces can be the base or your next renovation or the beginning of a beautiful love for interior design and architecture. An apartment like the one found on Alvhem can change the way you look at color and simplicity gathered in a bright and well lit space. Located in Stockholm, this 6 rooms apartment occupies the last two floors of a building, giving the inhabitants plenty of room for comfortable daily activities. There are two bathrooms, one of every floor and a recently renovated kitchen beautifully contrast glossy white furniture, black counter top and mosaic backsplash. Upstairs, where the bedrooms are located, sloping ceiling and charming angles offer a modern and bold atmosphere, while the dark-stained solid wood floor gives a warm cozy feeling. None of the upstairs walls are bearing walls, which means that the inhabitants can reorganize the space as they see fit. Look at the color palette and try to find one thing that doesn’t fit.