Los Angeles has never been so shiny! Street art takes its place among building’s cracks and missing bricks, or in telephone booths. The Geode Street Art Project completes the cityscape with a shiny collection of crystalline-shaped geodes made out of paper. “Forming” in places where bricks used to be or in cracks showing the passage of time in our cities, these black, gold, silver or purple 3d paper gems have the necessary property of turning heads. This installation took shape in the mind of artist and designer Paige Smith of A Common Name, then started appearing on the streets of LA – some of them being so loved by passers-by, that they got stolen. “The finished shapes represent geodes, crystal, quartz, or any mineral formation that you would normally find in nature, now in our planned out cities. A parallel aspect of these “geodes” in nature and in the city is they are always unexpected treasures. You might go hunting for treasures but you generally happen upon them during your adventures or casual interaction with the environment “, explains the artist, noting that the crystal shapes will degrade affected by weather, as they might in nature.