Part of the Seychelles island collection and located four degrees south of the equator, Frégate Island Private stretches its protected tropical influence over a total of seven white sand beaches and luscious green surroundings. The small number of villas – 16 and one Presidential Villa to be exact – ensure a private experience, surprising the need for seclusion from stressful times we all share. The way the villas are described, you’d think there is no better place on earth for an extended vacation: “Each villa is built of native mahogany and clad in rich African Chamfuta Teak wood, blending harmoniously into its natural surroundings. The typical villa plan features square spaces rotated 45 degrees, maximizing views of the ocean through two facades. The tropical feel of the buildings is intentionally casual, in keeping with the surroundings; in addition to an indulgent private infinity pool, each villa features a large terrace – with day bed and Jacuzzi – which flows from the interior as part of an extended living area. Interior architecture is simple and elegant. 

The post and lintel structure is mirrored inside, framing picture-perfect views of the island; African Chamfuta Teak skirting boards edge cream Botticino marble floors, while vaulted roofs and Merbou timber framework faithfully reflect a diverse colonial architectural heritage. Frégate Island Private introduced a comprehensive butler concept; a private butler is assigned to each villa to assure personalized and individual services throughout the guest’s stay, providing anything, anytime, anywhere on the island.” Island grown fresh produce and fresh water sources ensure a down-to-earth, natural energy source, while a kids clubhouse, a library and a museum showcasing the heritage of the Indian Ocean keep travelers entertained.