The Bernbaum Magadini Architects have been challenged to design a luxurious additional house project in Highland Park, Texas. This particular construction had to face a problem from the very own beginning: a limited surface. The architects had to arrange 730 square feet and transform them into a welcoming spot, coming as an addition to the original home. The major request was that this additional space to be somehow connected with the main house by ‘a wall and a roof’. The exterior cooking area, with a seating area and the bathroom, which were primarily included in this plan were defined, but then a second guest room for overnight sleeping, now that was a provocative thing to do!

The architects were suggest to maintain the same style and to use the same palette of materials. For the new addition, the guest room, a second floor was included. The two levels were connected through a particularly imposing stainless steel stair, the ultimate touch of contemporary and the detail that changes the entire landscape, we dare to say. The exterior stairway links the ground floor with the top floor’s balcony and moreover it offers an easier access to a pool located on the top floor of the main building. A small garden has also been included to this project. Small pebbles and layers of green vegetation combine harmonically and offer a nice sight for whoever takes a moment to relax in the seating area. The furniture was carefully chosen and the floors were entirely made from blocks of tiles.