Prentiss Architects completed the design and development of Ballard Cut, a modern residence with a daring architecture, situated on an uneven terrain in Seattle, USA. The project consists of two stacked rectangular volumes, the second of which is partially rotated from the axis of the linear first floor. This building approached lead to sheltering a covered entry, a stair enclosure and the access to a roof garden.

The materials employed for the construction pay tribute to smart and reliable building: “An inexpensive concrete fiber board was used for most exterior surfaces, accented by smaller area of cedar siding. Tight-knot rough cedar is selected rather than expensive clear cedar. Rather than install an expensive curtain-wall system, less expensive aluminum nail-fin windows were ganged together and trimmed with aluminum break shapes to achieve a similar effect for a reduced cost.” The interiors are minimalist, with large windows throughout and white curtains enhancing the breezy, holiday-like feel.