There are regular homes and there are homes that reject the idea of regular. The Serpentine is one of those projects with “wow” effect, that stand out and surprise you with a complex design line and a flawless execution. This project was designed by , in Bilgola, NSW, Australia, nearby the ocean, to meet the expectations of the clients, who desired a home that looks amazing and feels like a real home. Boasting floor-to-ceiling windows, enhancing the feeling of transparence, the gorgeous mansion, structured on three levels, showcases a wooden frame, that covers its superior levels. 

The house is surrounded by a picturesque garden, with bushes and exotic trees. A special outdoor lighting system creates a magical atmosphere during nighttime. “The house steps down the site and is articulated into three legible elements taking cues from a traditional tripartite design of forming a base, middle and top.” Cut outs, glass, wood, open spaces and terraces, twists, awnings and balustrades define the Serpentine as a surprising and dynamic house. What do you think of it? Do you like it?