Dark chocolate is the thing that comes in mind when seeing this home’s interiors for the first time. A deep sense of relaxation behind closed curtains make this styled residence in London get immediate attention. Located in London’s sought-after Knightsbridge District and completed by KHN Design, this classy space cluster shaping a 440 square meter penthouse takes you on a journey through a dance of masculine and feminine tones. Photographs by Kate Martin showcase the home’s exquisite spaces and transport us into a world of great design possibilities.

Amazingly detailed furniture items in striking colors accompany a recurring color palette. Providing us with classic luxury eye-candy, the deeply desirable London residence is located in Ruthland Gardens, Knightsbridge’s only private gated road. The luxury penthouse in London was immaculately designed to impose a certain way of seeing things, of feeling emotions and indulging in everything high-life can offer.

Imagine this home at night, when light bounces off every reflecting surface, creating a soothing atmosphere. Just close your eyes for a moment and let this sink in. Then share your thoughts with us, we’d love to know if we’re on the same page.