Opening towards the waterfront of Florida’s Golden Beach, this fantastic contemporary home at 96 Golden Beach Drive is part of  SDH Studio‘s portfolio. Occupying a 13,000 square foot lot, the imposing home rises up to shape a 27 foot high space used as a living space. This amazing room with a mezzanine gathers panoramas of the waterfront it faces while being constantly flooded with natural light. A huge glass wall ensures this social space is and will remain the heart of the home opened to great views, the place where family and friends gather around to share stories and enjoy the good life.

Exotic greenery give the open floor-plan a wilderness vibe. A contemporary interior design unfolds throughout, constructing a minimalist, Zen approach to living. Based on the idea of bringing the outside in, this modern family home “reinforces one of the basic philosophies of SDH studio which emphasizes the value of environmentally sustainable design“, as the designers tell us. With an impressive portfolio, the studio promises to further develop projects to be proud of.

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