Designed by  for a couple in Mexico City, this contemporary apartment embraces originality and flexibility. The project makes the most of its position in a building with a transparent facade and unobstructed views of the neighboring gardens add fresh vibes to the living areas. But what really caught our eye was the way the architects creatively divided a large open space into three functional zones without conventional walls.

The single-level home accommodates a hallway, lounge space, dining room, kitchen, TV room, and three bedrooms—but they’re not separated by walls. Instead, custom-designed cabinets in wood combined with black steel allow light and views to pass through, even as it demarcates the end of the lounge and the beginning of the dining room.

Other inspiring elements of the design scheme include a large eight-person dining table, a movable ladder for access to the upper shelves and a hammock, which adds a playful feel to the TV area.

What are your thoughts on the layout of this Mexico City apartment?

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