Try one of these Christmas tablescape ideas to spice up your holiday entertaining. Image: Rikki Snyder

Now that winter has finally arrived, it’s time to get into the holiday spirit. If you’re anything like us, the holiday season means plenty of entertaining for family and friends. As design addicts, the aesthetics of our holiday decorations are just as important as our décor.

With that in mind, here are four elegant Christmas tablescape ideas that will warm up your home this holiday season. Read them over and give them your own spin to allow your own sense of personal style to shine.

Include a variety of winter textiles to create a cozy look. Image: STACIE FLINNER

Include Cozy Textiles

We love, love, love this cozy, sweater-inspired tablescape. There’s something so different about it, yet it unquestionably radiates classic holiday spirit. This table setting just makes us want to curl up with a good book on a cold, winter day – one of our all-time favorite holiday activities.

Since sweater tablecloths are sure to be few and far between, this idea will probably work best for those of you who don’t mind doing a little sewing. You can buy the fabrics by the yard at your local craft store and make adjustments to fit your unique table. Here, they used wool and flannel, but feel free to experiment with fleece or another cozy alternative.

Colorwise you’ll want to follow the same guidelines as you would with your other interior design projects. Notice how the photo above keeps to the 10-30-60 rule. In this case, the cream sweater serves as the dominant color, the gold silverware includes the secondary color, and the patterned flannel serves as the accent color.

Add metals to give your table a modern feel. Image: Atelier Blanc

Try Modern Metals

We’ve talked about mixed metals before – and they’re definitely stylish, on-trend and can take any tablescape to a whole new level. As you probably know, gold, red and green are the standard color choices for Christmas-themed tablescape designs. However, this blush pink and metallic layout puts an ultra-modern twist on typical traditions.

If you want to try this design, your best bet is to check out secondhand stores for a variety of items. You’ll want to collect vases, flower pots, tea kettles, candlesticks and jugs. That said, feel free to get creative in terms of the items you collect. Just make sure to change up the materials. Get a mixture of gold, brass, bronze and terracotta. Then, fill items with beautiful winter blooms.

The key to pulling this look off is to allow the metallics to be the star of the show. You’ll notice that everything else in the photo is subdued. The candles, plates and even the table itself are purposefully neutral shades.

Those with rustic taste may want to choose pine as a main focal point. Image: Happy Grey Lucky

Go Rustic with Pine

Those who love rustic design may want to consider creating a look similar to this pine centerpiece. With needles, pine cones and candles coming together to create an innovative take on a table runner, this look truly embraces the beauty of the winter season.

Our best advice to you here is not to go the natural route. Buy the elements for your tablescape at a craft store rather than collecting them from the great outdoors, especially because you never know what kind of bugs may be inadvertently hiding within the leaves. Plus, at the end of the day, your store-bought look will absolutely end up looking more uniform.

To pull off this design, you’ll want most things to be as neutral as possible. Notice the black plates, simple glasses and white candles. However, you don’t want the design to look too plain. That’s why an addition such as the gold silverware – or maybe even a little bit of sparkle – is essential in helping it pop.

Geometric patterns can be part of the holidays too. Image: Houzz – Tablescapes

Embrace Geometric Patterns

Our final look is a bit more outside the box. Once again, geometric patterns are a popular trend, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t find a place at your holiday table. Here you’ll notice that the designer paired mixed and matched patterns to add even more visual interest to the final set. You could do the same or choose just one pattern and keep the look more cohesive.

The red, white and black in this photo is a sleeker take on a typical Christmas tablescape. That said, if you wanted to go a little more traditional, you could swap out the black napkin or the bamboo placemat for a white or green one.

Keep our Christmas tablescape ideas close at hand during the holidays. Image: Martha Stewart

Design doesn’t always have to be directly related to your interiors. With the holidays right around the corner, we’re starting to think about how décor can be used when entertaining family and friends. Use our Christmas tablescape ideas to create a table setting that truly reflects your unique sense of personal style.

What do you think of our Christmas tablescape ideas? Do you put a lot of thought into your décor when entertaining? Tell us all about it in the comments below.