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Everything comes in and out of style, it seems. Even Christmas decorating. And what can be more quintessential than the Christmas tree? It’s often the focal point in the home during the holidays, so it should fit your personality and your home’s style.

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A floating LED and glass tree is hung from the ceiling for a contemporary effect. It’s like a modern, glowing chandelier and available at for $799.

Here’s a look at this year’s Christmas tree decorating ideas and trends. Some of the trends are made for small spaces and all the Christmas tree decoration ideas are perfect for a modern or contemporary home.

Ombre Christmas trees

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modern christmas tree decorating ideas - devils-den.info

Ombre has been a big design trend in fashion and home decor recently. These trees feature the ombre look for the holidays. Images: Prelit Vintage Gold Ombre Tree at , $240, and Vintage Black Ombre Tree at , $412

Christmas tree decorating ideas featuring the floral trend

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christmas tree decorating ideas - devils-den.info

Adding flowers to your Christmas tree is one of this year’s biggest trends. Images: and

Christmas trees for small spaces

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for $45 comes with 10 ornaments and can sit on the fireplace mantle or a table.

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DIY christmas trees - devils-den.info

A DIY tree made from wood dowels can be decorated with small Christmas ornaments and used as a jewelry tree once the holidays are over. Image:

Black and white Christmas tree decorating ideas

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christmas tree decorating ideas - devils-den.info

Decorate your tree with an all black and white theme for a fresh and modern vibe. Images: and 

Christmas tree skirt alternatives

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christmas tree decoration ideas - devils-den.info

Another big Christmas tree decorating trend this year is all about ditching the tree skirt. Use a bin or basket that flows with your design style instead. Images:  and

Christmas trees full of light

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christmas tree ideas - devils-den.info

, $60 and up, are narrow enough to sit in a corner and cast a lovely glow.

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DIY Christmas tree ideas - devils-den.info

A DIY Christmas tree can be created with a long strand of LED string lights, made in the shape of a Christmas tree. Image:

Want to see more amazing Christmas tree decorating ideas? Check out these unconventional Christmas trees.