Sinuous, versatile and textured, the Iron-ic Bookcase by Ronda Design features a natural iron modular architecture based on the snap-together assembly of each module components. The curvilinear sides lend the bookcase its original and unmistakable wavy look, a harmonious zig-zag that is instinctively attractive and blends in with any surroundings, from classic to modern and in both home and official settings. According to the designers, Iron-ic is based on a minimum module comprising four grids (72X72 cm and 30 cm deep) that can be freely replicated according to individual needs.

The bookcase lends its surroundings a strong contemporary mood, as the harmonious variation of horizontal and vertical surfaces in shaped sheet metal give the project an innate lightness and flow. The natural finish iron used to make it afford it a daring and attractive appearance; for a softer result, the painted white version is also available. Iron-ic enhances its customization possibilities by offering a further choice between various module back panels, which are available in several wood finishes with a view to offering ultimate bookcase customization.

Each module comes with a clear and detailed instruction kit for the assembly and composition of the bookcase.  The bases are fitted with adjustable feet for uneven floors, and the modules are designed for safety wall-fastening. The units can be secured to one another using magnets and/or through screws which are supplied by the manufacturer. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Ronda Design]