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Mantle design ideas

It’s time to warm your mantle up for fall. Image:

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We’re big fans of seasonally inspired décor, especially where fall is concerned. After all, who wouldn’t want to incorporate the same cozy feeling that’s inspired by changing leaves and a slight chill in the air into their interiors?

If you’re looking for an easy way to bring fall into your home, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled some of our favorite modern and eye-catching mantel design ideas. These looks are perfect for the upcoming season.

Take a look at the suggestions below. With just a handful of items and our design advice, you’ll have all the tools you need to turn your home into an autumn oasis.

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mantle with reeds

Go ahead and bring nature indoors. Image:

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Try incorporating nature

While nature-inspired décor isn’t exactly the newest idea for shaking up fall interiors, we’re not talking about the cornucopias your grandma loved. These days, when natural elements play a role in design, less is definitely more.

In particular,  — like the ones shown in the picture above — are incredibly popular. Consider using two or three bunches, housed in decorative vases, spread across the mantel. They can either be used alone or as bookends to frame a painting.

Accessories based on leaves are another seasonal standard. However, instead of weaving a big, unruly garland across the top of the fireplace, try a more subtle touch. Wall art is an excellent way to do this. Consider choosing a few small pieces to lean on the mantle to re-create a gallery wall.

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fall mantle decor

Put a new spin on traditional fall designs. Image:

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Rethink classic holiday items

Those of us who celebrate Halloween know the beginning of fall is a sign that spooky nights are just around the corner. Your holiday look doesn’t have to be fit for a costume party though. Instead, focus on sourcing items that can stay up all season long.

Use this picture as a guide. Rather than displaying a bold jack-o’-lantern or something similar, the pumpkins on this mantle are smaller and have a subdued feel to them. are especially on-trend, as are glass-blown options.

Remember that when incorporating smaller décor items, creating groupings is key. Whether you’ve chosen to concentrate your design on one side of the mantel or you want to have accessories on each end, try to arrange them in odd-numbered formations. These are typically considered more aesthetically pleasing than even-numbered configurations.

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Vintage mantle

Give your fireplace a bit of vintage flair. Image:

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Embrace a rustic look

A wood-burning fireplace is an ideal spot try out a rustic aesthetic. Think about it: the smell of smoke and sound of logs crackling in the flames instantly conjures memories of mountain cabins and cool autumn nights.

With that in mind, almost any rustic accessory is fair game. Look for items such as , mason jars and mirrors in . If possible, find accessories made of traditionally rustic materials like iron, burlap and reclaimed woods.

With these mantels, your best bet is to create contrast. Arrange your dêcor elements so they include a variety of heights and are placed in varying directions. There is no hard-and-fast rule for how to find the perfect placement. Use your intuition — your internal eye for design — to help you make adjustments until you’re satisfied.

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Mantle trends

Indulge in contemporary trends like lanterns. Image:

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Consider antique-finished items

Fortunately for us, the vintage look back in style. If you want your fall-inspired mantel to look simultaneously comforting and in style, this is the way to go. This look is defined by pieces such as and antique picture frames.

Keep in mind the best vintage items come from their original era. Look for true antiques whenever possible. To do so, check out thrift stores and yard sales in your area.

That said, if finding accessories with history is not an option, you can always go the DIY route. Find similar items to those listed above and look for a weathering tutorial online. With a little bit of work and the right coat of paint — perhaps an off-white or tin gray — you should be able to easily re-create an antique look.

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mantle design ideas

Don’t be afraid to give your mantel a seasonal spin. Image:

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The best designs are the ones that don’t stay stagnant all year round. Instead, they incorporate a few, small, aesthetic details that change with the seasons. If you’re ready to get your home ready for fall, keep these mantel design ideas in mind. By making a few changes to your fireplace, you’ll have the opportunity to infuse your interiors with autumn coziness.

In order to get you started on accessorizing your mantel for the fall we pulled a few of our favorite accessories together. Check out these great products below:











What do you think of these mantel design ideas? How do you decorate your mantel for fall? Tell us about it in the comments below.