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That special person who lives in a small apartment or studio is one of the hardest to shop for during the holidays. When space is limited or  tiny living is a way of life, you have to be thoughtful of what you’ll bring into a smaller space.

If a gift doesn’t serve multiple purposes or isn’t small in scale, it might not be the right choice. Luckily, great things come in small packages! Here’s our tiny living gift guide filled with great small apartment gifts in stores now.

Small Kitchen Gifts

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Look for colorful and multipurpose gifts, like this Nest Set of 9 Kitchen Set by Joseph Joseph. The stackable items include a mixing bowl, a colander, strainer, measuring cups and spoons.

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Tech for Tiny Living

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Know someone who doesn’t have enough space for a desk in their small apartment? How about a workstation with integrated USB charges that they can set up anywhere? The iCharge Bed Table in black is

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Studio Living Decor

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Small and colorful Swedish felt planters can be flattened and stored when not in use and make perfect stocking stuffers.


Small Apartment Gifts for Entertaining

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small apartment gift ideas - devils-den.info

Even small apartments can be the life of the party! Gift the tiny living wine lover with a wall mounted, all-in-one wine and stemware rack.

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Small Space Organization Gifts

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Thoughtful gifts for small apartments, like this Bedside Caddy , will be well used and much appreciated.

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Small Apartment Furniture

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The Zadlee 3-tier bar cart can work in all rooms as storage and even for serving, thanks to its wheels. in blue or white.

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Small Space Appliances

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small space coffee maker - devils-den.info

Kitchen Aid created a small space 4-cup coffee machine a barista would appreciate. in stainless, red or black for $80.

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What’s your favorite tiny living gift idea for the holidays?