Sometimes we find ourselves dreaming of a lake house where we can relax with the family. This unusual version, characterized by a dark facade, was designed by architect  as a place to both gather and escape.

What used to be the family’s campsite on Lake Superior in Wisconsin is now a fascinating family retreat. The interiors of the 1,280-square-foot main house are dressed in clear basswood, reflecting warmth and evoking closeness to nature. Simple decor creates a clutter-free environment.

The lake house is located down a short driveway though the forest. Its unusual shape is framed by a storage building and woodshed made of aging cedar. Everything in the home invites you to enjoy the surroundings; its cozy, inviting atmosphere includes an indoor terrace and a fireplace.

Upstairs, a master suite, two bunk rooms and an additional guest room provide plenty of space for the family and their guests. Sheltering the front entrance, a cantilevered screen porch elongates the upper floor and extends the views to the lake. Captured in photos by , the lake house and its surroundings are inspiring for those looking to transform a campsite into a permanent vacation home.

If you’d like to see more of Salmela’s architecture, check out this sustainable learning center in Minnesota, the Bagley Outdoor Classroom, previously featured on devils-den. Does this lake house fit your idea of a perfect family retreat? Tell us in the comments below.