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pendant light ideas

Let these fresh pendant light ideas inspire your next design. Image:

Pendant lights have been around for a while, but that doesn’t mean there’s only one way to use them. In fact, far from it. Occasionally you need to shake things up by combining traditional design elements with new pendant light ideas. Often the results turn out better than you ever could have imagined.

With that in mind, we present you with 16 fresh pendant light ideas. Read them over and consider how you can bring some of these lighting design twists into your own home. After all, sometimes even the classics benefit from a little makeover.

Pendant light ideas for the kitchen

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Consider grouping your pendant lights to create a faux-chandelier look. Image:

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A polished finish gives your metal pendant lights a fresh, modern touch. Image:

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Shake up your design by using two different lighting fixtures in the same room. Image:

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fun fixtures

Remember, your light fixtures don’t have to be boring. They can be as fun as you make them. Image:

Pendant light ideas for the dining area

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Use pendant lights to highlight your dining area. Image:

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Coordinate your pendant light ideas with the rest of the room. Image:

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Always make sure your pendant lights are evenly placed to highlight the entire space. Image:

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If you’re only installing one fixture, use it as a statement piece. Image:

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open concept

If you have an open concept space, consider using pendant lighting throughout the entire room. Image:

Pendant light ideas for the bedroom

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Pendant lighting is a great addition to kids’ rooms, too. Image:

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Add a statement fixture over the bed to draw attention to your bedroom’s focal point. Image:

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Alternatively, put one fixture on either side of the bed to promote balance. Image:

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visual intresest

Consider using an outside-of-the-box design to bring more visual interest to the space. Image:

Pendant light ideas for the bathroom

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Pendant lighting works in the bathroom, too. Image:

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Try matching your fixtures to create a cohesive look. Image:

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Add a pendant light on either side of your mirror. Image:

What do you think of these pendant light ideas? Are you inspired to try any of them out in your own home? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.