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Looking for more ways to incorporate storage into your décor? Keep scrolling for some inspiration. Image:

Storage doesn’t have to be synonymous with shoving your belongings in a closet, pulling the doors closed, and hoping no one ever looks inside. In reality, it can serve a dual purpose. In addition to keeping your belongings safe and organized, it can actually become an important — and even essential — component of your aesthetic.

If you’re ready to have your storage solutions pull double duty, this post is for you. We’ve compiled a list of ideas on how to effortlessly include storage in your décor. Look them over and use the ones you love as design inspiration for your next home improvement project. By incorporating a few of these suggestions into your own interiors, you can create a design that is equally functional and beautiful.

1. Have your backsplash pull double duty

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Incorporate kitchen gear into your décor by making it part of your backsplash. Image:

2. Take your built-ins to the next level

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Give built-ins extra flair by following the architectural lines of the room. Image:

3. Incorporate a clothes rack

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clothes rack

Forgo a traditional closet in favor of adding a clothes rack, which provides trendy storage for a fraction of the space. Image:

4. Get creative in your corners

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reading nook

Be open to giving unused corners new purpose, such as creating a reading nook. Image:

5. Add a few cubby holes

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Creating a mudroom where each family member has their own designated area will help keep busy days running smoothly. Image:

6. Reconsider open shelving

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open shelving

Swap out upper cabinets for some chic and modern open shelving. Image:

7. Create hidden storage in an ottoman

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Storage ottomans bring a comforting feel to the room, as well as the added benefit of hidden storage. Image:

8. Shape your space with a room divider

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room divider

Kill two birds with one stone by adding a room divider that enhances storage while also splitting up your space. Image:

9. Go big with a storage cabinet

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If a regular room divider is just not big enough, make a statement with a stylish built-in cabinet. Image:

10. Don’t forget about storage trunks

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A trunk provides extra storage while also giving the room a decorative vintage touch. Image:

11. Consider under-bed storage options

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under bed storage

Invest in a bed frame that allows you to store off-season clothing underneath. Image:

12. Use space under your stairs

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Under stair storage

Take advantage of unused space under the stairs by adding a few creative cubby holes. Image:

13. Add height with vertical storage

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vertical storage

Go vertical to create storage without using valuable square footage and give the room more visual height. Image:

14. Think about a wall rack

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wall rack

If you have the skills, design a wall rack to hold exactly what you need. Image:

What do you think of these storage solutions? Will you be trying any of them in your own home? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.