The design world is constantly coming up with creative ideas on how to integrate pet furniture within contemporary homes. The result of a fruitful collaboration between Aude Sanchez and Guillaume Gadenne, Meyou Paris aims to offer cat owners furniture in tune with the harmony of their homes.

The duo introduced a series of charming cat beds and cocoons displaying an elegant appearance. The company says: “Research has shown that cats — predators by nature — need a place to hide, play, relax and observe their surroundings without being spotted or disturbed. They need their own kingdom. But their kingdom is in our kingdom. So let’s please everyone!”

Entitled “classy furniture for the discerning cat,” the Kickstarter campaign initiated by Meyou Paris is already gathering fans of its cat cocoons worldwide. Have a look at the video below for a playful introduction:

The refined design of the three types of cat cribs (the Ball, the Cube and the Bed) bring together curved and straight lines, creating a stylish cocoon for cats. Curious and playful by nature, they will be able to use it to take shelter, observe the world, hide, nap or sharpen their claws. The items are available in four colors and are made from high-quality materials. Enjoy the photos and tell us what you think!