Located in Carmel-By-The-Sea, California, this ocean view home sits atop a cliff overlooking inspiring expanses of water. From above, the Carmel Highlands Residence looks like a private heaven with unique panoramas. Up close, the elegant ocean view home unveils its secrets to the design-hungry eye. From the manicured garden with undulating pathways sloping down the hill to the inviting relaxation areas  surrounded by flowers, everything speaks about abundance of joy. You move through the garden as if guided by the breeze.

Eric Miller Architects imagined this ocean view home as a sanctuary of solitude placed above California’s a rocky coastal landscape.

Extravagance and perspective have found a home here. Beyond unraveling windows stretching from floor to ceiling, the mountains and sea look different each time clouds play with light. A modern configuration of spaces lies at the base of this heart-warming design. As if built to take in stunning views and sky colors reflected in the water, the Carmel Highlands Residence deserves a place among the homes you dream about.

Inside, sculptural design celebrates contemporary architecture. A double-height living room boasts a glass wall that focuses on awe-inspiring panoramic views. A glass bridge guarded by a long skylight shine natural light deep inside.

A sea view home like no other, the Carmel Highlands Residence boasts many of our favorites, like an oval freestanding bathtub in the bathroom overlooking the ocean, a sleek fireplace gathering everyone around hypnotizing fire flames, or the eye-catching kitchen countertop undulating around the kitchen island.

Speaking of the kitchen, the spacious cooking area contrasts the soothing color palette throughout the house. It introduces a bold red and black contrast. The sculptural home bar design under the spiraling staircase makes for a great conversation starter. Everywhere you look, details make you want to know more about each of them.

As night falls, the house comes alive with bright colored lights mirroring the colors of the sunset. Creating different moods, the sea view home makes you want to explore it over and over and over again. In an unusual space arrangement, you can move as if set in motion by a treasure hunt. Each corner holds new possibilities and each design line is discovered flowing into the next. Both inside and out, the home offers a myriad of relaxing and entertaining opportunities following the contour of the land.

An eclectic mix of furniture and furnishings create a versatile space. Art and design reflect colors of the sky as the sun moves across to shape shadows inside. Outdoor spaces shine with peace during the day only to come alive at night and make the contemporary sea view home a dreamy place to come home to.