British designer Tom Dixon is well known for his iconic  and the interior of the stunning in London. The Queen even formally appointed him to the Order of the British Empire (OBE). And, now, you can get his iconic pieces for a few hundred dollars or less at IKEA.

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Tom Dixon IKEA

The new collection offers accessories that make it possible to customize the furniture pieces. All images courtesy of .

Dixon’s DELAKTIG collection consists of upholstered seating and a bed featuring a frame made of 50 percent recycled aluminum. You can customize the small selection of pieces by adding from the selection of accessories.

IKEA Creative Leader James Futcher says, “We called it an open platform for living, and Tom kept referring to it as a bed so, of course, we couldn’t stop after the first DELAKTIG launch. The bed is a key piece of furniture in any home — I mean, everyone needs a good night’s sleep. So we decided to go for a second launch: a bed frame that is designed to be personalized.”

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tom dixon ikea

Put two sofa bases together with a side table and lamp for a deeply relaxing lounge that can double as a guest bed.

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Tom Dixon IKEA modular furniture

Accessories like additional arms, side tables or removable fabric covers give your pieces a personalized look.

Here’s a look at the Tom Dixon IKEA pieces you can mix and match:

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The 88″ sofa is shown here as a traditional , $770.

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If you want to change up the traditional look of the sofa above you can move the backs and arms around. Get the modular , $854.

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tom dixon for IKEA

Customize the platform bed by adding and removing side tables and a headboard.

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