Japanese Tea Houses are among the most beautiful and serene structures on the planet, and are usually minimalist in design and modest in size. This inflatable Japanese teahouse, designed by , was created for an exhibit at the . At a first glance you don’t even know that is a house I thought that is a inflatable balloon, and maybe discotheque, but not a japanese tea house. Normally this type of structure does not make it past the drawing board, but the Japanese have more guts then we do when it comes to architecture. I don’t know why they wanted to build this house because is just a waste or material, time and money.

The teahouse does not rise up from the ground as a fixed wooden construction, but unfolds as an airborne form. When a ventilation system is activated, the teahouse swells into shape like a white high-tech textile blossom. In its interior, comprising a surface of approximately twenty square metres, are nine tatami mats, an electric stove for the water kettle, a tokonoma niche and a preparation room. Integrated LED technology allows the use of the teahouse at night; the interior can be heated by way of the membrane. Finnaly ..one questions for my readers ..when you saw this house what did you think it was ? – Via – &