Bats, pumpkins, skulls, candles, black cats, vampires, scarecrows, skeletons, witches, demons, ghosts, horror stories, creepy movies, weird food, weirder beverage – bring the Halloween to your home with these gorgeous ideas for the night of October 31st. Prepare with these 30 visual inspirations grouped into 5 sections. Let the party be prepared!

1. Pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins have been around for many years symbolising the need for protection. With carved faces and placed in windows Halloween pumpkins are supposed to ward off evil spirits. Put them together with horror movies and frightening stories to create a gloomy feeling for all that take part in the celebration. On the night when the border between this world and the Otherworld becomes thin enough to let spirits roam free, the tradition says that we must wear costumes to be left out of harm`s way.

2. Pillows

These orange and black pillows set the mood for Halloween. In a beautiful, modern and contemporary home, you might not want to have just any kind of decoration. So prepare for Halloween with these beautiful pillows that can be used as autumn accents all throughout the fall season. Celebrations are always a good reason to change the feeling of your home for a short period just to get in the mood for the holiday.

3. Lights

Lights are an immense part of decorating for Halloween. Candles everywhere, dim lighting and corners with almost no light at all make a party successful. The Halloween motifs are a great way to change how  your home looks for a few days. Jack-o-lanterns and spider webs, even this modern Halloween light will surely not let you rest on this magical night.

4. Houseware

In the kitchen is where all the action happens before Halloween: finger food and ghoulish goodies, potions and atrocious appetisers, all of them will begin their story in the kitchen. Getting in the Halloween spirit means never being scared by a little interior redecorating.  A pumpkin here, some dark beverages there and many items to remind you of the night when magic happens can lift up your spirit and prepare the perfect party mix for your guests.

5. Decoration mix

Gothic elements in a creepy surrounding or just a pinch of orange and black chosen wisely will serve as the basis for this Halloween. Trick-or-treating will have kids showing up on your doorstep and guests will be looking for a personal touch in your home.  These inspiring interiors will guide you to the perfect choice for your Halloween party.