, one of the biggest and most trusted tech review websites, was way ahead of its time in 2015 when it announced that we’d all eventually live in smart homes. They were right: According to , 41% of US homes now own at least one smart home device. And that number is growing, partially thanks to efforts like the CNET Smart Home.

CNET just launched the Xfinity CNET Smart Home in San Francisco.  designed the interior of the 2,952-square-foot house with three bedrooms, a two-car garage and a backyard. In addition to the interior furnishings, Williams Sonoma provided .

The home will serve as a lab for the latest home tech product tests and reviews, which will be shared online at CNET’s  CNET’s goal is to help consumers use smart home tech to make the most of their lives and homes.

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google smart home devices

Among the vintage items on the bookcase of the CNET Smart Home is the sleek, modern Google Home device. CNET has created a . Image:

Some of the smart home topics CNET plans on tackling include:

  • How to automate mornings. Program your devices to adjust lights, turn on the news and start your coffee machine once the system detects you’re awake.
  • Cooking with a little help. Enhance your cooking skills by learning how to use smart pans and voice-activated smart appliances.
  • Smart home security tips and tricks. Learn hacks to maximize your smart home security devices.
  • Green smart tech living. CNET plans on sharing how you can save energy, resources and money with eco-friendly smart home tech and programmable light fixtures.
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CNET smart home

Among the collection of devices in the CNET Smart Home are programmable lightbulbs, remotes and security cameras. Image:

Here’s a look inside CNET’s Smart Home, furnished by Williams Sonoma

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The  is as thin as paper and equipped with Chromecast. Skip the remote — the Smart TV can receive voice commands through Google Home.

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CNET smart home tour

The bed detects when you wake up and turns on the lights and the TV to your favorite channel. It also starts up the coffee maker in the kitchen. The lamp features an LED programmable lightbulb that changes colors.

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The smart induction cooktop teaches you how to cook, and the  is controlled by Alexa.

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smart home design

Samsung’s blends perfectly with a gallery wall. It displays high-resolution digital art of your choice when the TV turns off.

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The kids’ room features plenty of color, light and opportunities for voice command through the Alexa control center.

What smart home devices do you own or plan to pick up in the near future? Let us know in the comments. Photography by .