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awkward corner

Awkward corners are not easy to get a handle on. We’ve got some creative ideas on how to make that space useful instead. Image:

We all have it. That one corner in our home that’s just a little different from the rest. And we’re willing to bet that space isn’t getting too much action at the moment. After all, what do with such an awkward corner?

Fortunately, though, it doesn’t have to stay that way. While these spaces may be going unused right now, with some planning, they can be put to good use. Whether they’re part of your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, they can become as functional and aesthetically pleasing as any other element in your design.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to see our best ideas for repurposing the less-than-ideal corner in your home. If you’re willing to put a little elbow grease into implementing the idea that best suits your needs, you may just find that a simple corner can end up becoming so much more.

1. Put your décor on display

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Use the corner to put your décor front and center. Start by adding some shelving. Then, arrange your prized décor items in a series of varied groupings. Image:

2. Create your own work space

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study area

You could also convert the corner to a desk or study area. Remember to leave a little bit of storage space — like the shelving unit in this picture — so you can store any relevant materials. Image:

3. Add a fireplace

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Consider installing a fireplace to give your room an extra touch of warmth and luxury. Image:

4. Layer, layer, layer

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Layer furniture, rugs and accent pieces against the corner to make it more visually interesting. Image:

5. Make it the focal point

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focal point

See how you feel about positioning your bed in the corner and make that the focal point of the room. Image:

6. Create a cozy reading nook

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reading nook

Get creative and make up your own reading area, complete with plenty of room to spread out. Image:

7. Embrace corner shelving

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corner shelving

Enjoy the obvious benefits of corner shelving. Image:

8. Frame an L-shaped sofa

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When in doubt, put your L-shaped sofa in the corner. Just make sure you have enough furniture to balance out the rest of the room. Image:

9. Think about creating custom built-ins

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Consider adding some built-in storage to effectively use every inch of space. Image:

10. Embrace a wraparound kitchen

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wraparound kitchen

Give the wraparound kitchen a chance and discover all counter space you’ll get. Image:

11. Put together a makeshift mudroom

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Think about creating a mudroom with plenty of storage for coats and boots. Image:

12. Get creative with shapes

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If you can, think outside the box when it comes to shapes and make them fit the room. Image: