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Christmas is a time of gatherings, celebration and nesting because, “Baby, it’s cold outside.” So it’s more important than ever to create a warm, inviting and festive space with light, bright touches to get you through the winter. And nothing is better for glamming up a room than decorating with metallics.

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decorating with metallics for the holidays - devils-den.info

A collection of bronze, silver and gold accent pieces and Christmas ornaments add a festive look to this contemporary living room. Image:

There are plenty of ways to add this look to your home. You can add silver, platinum, gold, bronze, copper or a mix. And a little goes a long way; an accent table and a throw pillow may be all you need. Here are some decorating with metallics ideas — and products in stores now to get the look.

Decorating with silver and platinum

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silver holiday decorating - devils-den.info

Silver accents works well with cool whites, greys and blacks. Choose a variation of textures and sheens for a sophisticated look. Image:

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Decorating with muted and burnished metallics

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decorating with metallics and bronze for Christmas - devils-den.info

If you’re a minimalist, lots of sparkle and sheen may not be for you. But a muted or brushed metallic that is darker and antiqued in feel would be a great way to add metallics to your home. Image:

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Decorating for Christmas with gold

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Gold is on-trend for modern homes year-round. You have a unique opportunity to go all out during the holidays when decorating with gold. Mix and match tones, textures and sheens for the most striking look. Image:

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