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Travel is something we do to get away from it all, but it looks like the buyers at Etsy want to bring that travel-adventure vibe into their home. According to Etsy trends expert , “Etsy searches for ‘international’ are on the rise.” In fact, categories like “international jewelry” are up almost 100 percent in the last year.

Here are the top four global Etsy trends for your home – no passport required:

1. German vintage rattan and wicker

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Mini peacock chair at , hanging pendant lamp at , rattan table at .

Etsy sellers in Germany have access to great vintage boutiques and weekend flea markets. The ’70s are currently popular in Germany and items like rattan, wicker, bamboo and macrame are highly sought after in German Etsy shops.

According to Etsy, there’s “a 90 percent increase in searches for ‘rattan’ globally and 30 percent specific to Germany.” Plus, considering how lightweight the material is, shipping won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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A globally inspired bedroom features soft, soothing textures on the rug and throw pillow, some bamboo and a rattan chair. Image:

How to rock vintage rattan and wicker pieces: It’s all about texture, so don’t be afraid to layer them into your space. Their warm finish goes with all colors and styles, so no need to worry about melding a single rattan side table or chair into a room. Some great ways to add the look to your space include:

  • side table
  • woven rug
  • a chest or trunk that can double as a coffee table
  • barstools
  • wicker pendant lamp

Add a glass top to your rattan or wicker surface to make it flat and stable for drink glasses and to keep dirt and debris out of the weave.

2. Japanese ceramics

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Coffee dripper by , rust color sake cup by , celadon green sake cup by .

Searches on Etsy for Japanese ceramics are up 15 percent. The handmade earthenware style is modern, minimalist and incredibly versatile. What makes Japanese ceramics so special is that no two are exactly alike because they are handmade.

There are many types of Japanese ceramics that range in price for as little as 50 cents all the way up to thousands of dollars for collector pieces. Some of the signature elements of the look are:

  • a slightly imperfect shape or handmade details like a hand signature or stamp
  • a matte finish
  • drips on the glaze or irregular colors that add to the piece’s earthy beauty
  • hand-painted geometric patterns or animals like cats or koi
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A collection of Japanese ceramics are displayed on the kitchen island of this craftsman home. Image:

How to rock the Japanese ceramic trend: Pick up a sake set at an import store like Pier 1 or Cost Plus and use the sake server as a vase. The drinking cups can be displayed on your shelf or used to serve coffee, hold spices or as an egg holder. Larger Japanese ceramic pieces look great as food servers, planters or vases. Mix and match a series of Japanese ceramics for color and texture.

3. Dutch statement lighting

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Filigrana laser cut metal pendant by , Origami paper lamp shade by , Baby Taglight table lamp by .

Designers from the Netherlands have always been famous for their modern and cutting-edge sense of design, especially when it comes to lighting and furniture. Searches on Etsy for “statement lighting” are up 38 percent, while searches for “minimalist lighting” are up 42 percent. And no other region combines minimalism and statement lighting as well as the Netherlands.

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The large and beautiful pendant over the dining table creates a focal point for the space. Image:

How to rock the Dutch statement lighting trend: When shopping for lighting, forget the rules. No need to mix and match or stick with the design style of the room or your home. Go with something completely unexpected that has an unusual or architectural look to it. If you’re shopping for a single pendant or lamp, don’t be afraid to choose a larger piece to really stand out.

4. Lithuanian linens

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Linen Jumpsuit by , bedding by .

The Etsy trends report says that linen is “2018’s must-have fabric for home decor and apparel.” Searches for linen items are up almost 20 percent. And Etsy sees a big interest in linens from Lithuania, specifically. Why? According to Issom Johnson, the country grows some of the best raw material for linen. And the traditional art of spinning and weaving linen is still alive and well in Lithuania, with more than 18,000 Lithuanian linen items for sale on Etsy.

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A bed is layered for summer in ink blue, pale grey and rich charcoal linen. Image:

How to rock the linen trend: Invest in a luxurious linen bedroom duvet set for a casual, organic look. Go with modern colors like ink blue, deep greys or mocha. The textured effect of linen works perfectly in nearly any home decor style, from farmhouse to modern to bohemian. Or add a simple striped linen table runner to your table setting.

Which of these 4 Etsy trends will you be rocking in your home this summer?