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fourth of july party decor

Be free from worry with these easy Fourth of July party decor ideas. Image:

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The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate freedom and enjoy the liberties given to us by our democratic society. The only problem is that if you’re the one hosting your Independence Day shindig, you probably don’t feel independent from stress. Hosting the Fourth shouldn’t be a hassle, though. We’ve gathered up some ideas to help you get inspired and get excited about hosting an easy, fun party. Here are five simple (but stylish!) Fourth of July party decor ideas that will add a wow factor to your celebration.

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4th of july party decor - flag

A flag tapestry is a high-impact way to decorate an entire room. Image:

Let your flag fly

It’s not rocket science. Nothing says the Fourth of July like the star-spangled banner. If you’re looking for a high-impact, one-stop shop to get your house ready for the Fourth, look no further than a large flag tapestry. You can find them at affordable prices  or or similar retailers. With some stick-on hooks or staples, you can turn an entire wall into an homage to the US of A.

If you’re looking for a less dramatic way to celebrate Old Glory, pick up some flag , , – you get the idea. Any addition of that iconic red, white and blue instantly makes a room party-ready.

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4th of july party decor - chalkboard

Add a patriotic quote wherever you need a festive splash. Image: 

Remember the reason for the season

Like all holidays, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget why we’re celebrating. Why not highlight the importance of Independence Day and amp up your party decorations in one fell swoop? Put up a behind the buffet, on the lawn or anywhere else that needs a pop of patriotism. On the chalkboard, write one of these  or another inspiring message.

A chalkboard offers that old-time Americana feel that’s perfect for the Fourth. If you buy a brand-new chalkboard for the occasion, scribble all over it and erase it before you craft your quote. A perfectly clean chalkboard looks like it belongs in a stark schoolroom, while a well-used one feels charming and inviting.

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4th of july party decor - dessert

Dessert can do double-duty, also serving as a decoration. Image:

Make dessert double as decor

You’ll need to have a dessert for your party. Why not kill two birds with one stone and create a sweet treat that also adds a festive feel to your table? There are a number of great patriotic desserts out there, and they definitely don’t need to be complicated. A strawberry-blueberry trifle or red and blue frosted cupcakes do the trick. We like this stunning . It’s a treat for the eyes and the stomach.

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4th of july party decor - lawn

Wow your guests immediately with a yard homage to Old Glory. Image:

Star spangle your yard

Want to put people in the party mood before they even come through your front door? Give your front yard the patriotic treatment. Trace a large star on a sheet of cardboard and cut it out. Using red, white and/or blue construction marking spray paint, stencil the star at intervals across your front lawn. The paint dries relatively quickly, and you’ll be left with an extremely festive introduction to your celebration.

Make sure you use construction marking paint, as it’s specifically designed to not kill your grass. And while you won’t be living with your stars forever, keep in mind that you’re stuck with them until your grass grows long enough to mow them off.

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4th of july party decor - style

Understated decor can still shine, giving your home a patriotic feel while matching your style. Image:

Keep it in style

If the stars and stripes aren’t really your thing, don’t fear. You can still make your event feel festive without compromising your taste. Mix and match and with your other dishes, or add red or blue pops to your yard through flowers. Geraniums and red gerbera daisies give you that true red that we often associate with the Fourth of July. Blue hydrangeas produce big blooms and a soft, welcoming blue.

Throwing down navy or red accents – whether in a , a or a – can give your home the Independence Day feel without completely taking over your existing decor.

More Fourth of July party decor ideas

You don’t have to stop here. If you’re looking for more Fourth of July party decor ideas, we’ve covered some additional ways to bring patriotic touches into your home.  Happy Independence Day!