A headboard is one of the last things you see before you fall asleep and one of the first things you see when you wake up. Demonstrate your unique design style by creating your own. Below are some ideas and tips to get you started.

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chalk headboard

Do you think the formula for sleep is on this London bedroom’s headboard? Image:

Chalk headboard

Create this look with a can of black chalkboard paint. Almost any type of wall – drywall, plaster, wood, brick or concrete – will work, as long is it is properly prepped. Chalkboard paint is easy to apply, dries fast and can be cleaned with soap and water. But you’re not limited to the color black – chalkboard paint comes in just about every color. If you don’t want to use paint, consider chalkboard contact paper – and yes, you can use chalk on it.

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hockey headboard

An Edmonton hockey-themed room. Image:

Hockey goal headboard

For the ultimate hockey fan, nothing beats a hockey goal headboard. Complete the scene with a team blanket and life-size decal of a favorite player. Peel and stick decals are easy to apply and available for most major sports. In addition to decals of players, fans can also get team logo decals.

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wallpaper headboard

A simply elegant Dorset, England, bedroom uses wallpaper behind the bed. Image:

Wallpaper headboard

This Silvergate wallpaper from Farrow & Ball creates a simple yet elegant headboard. The wallpaper is applied directly to the wall. For such an intricate pattern, the company recommends sketching the left side of the headboard in pencil and then cutting it out to use as a template for the right side. This ensures that the two sides are symmetrical. Be sure to prep the wall by removing all dirt, filling any cracks and sanding the wall smooth.

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wood headboard

This Sydney, Australia, bedroom is full of surprises. Image:

Floating laminate floor headboard

This beautiful headboard is actually a floating laminate floor placed on the wall to mimic a recycled wood wall. While the front and sides of the wall are laminate flooring, the back is plasterboard. The two bedside tables and the faux fireplace are actually painted medium density fiberboards (MDF).

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graffiti headboard

This Toronto bedroom is artistic and colorful. Image:

Graffiti headboard

Turn your headboard into a work of art. This graffiti design is certainly colorful and creative. For the graffiti look you can also spray paint text on faux brick wallpaper. Use solid vinyl unpasted wallpaper as it’s peelable and easily cleaned. Another idea is to use a large printed tapestry that can be hung on the wall or wrapped around a piece of wood or MDF.

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This Orlando master bedroom is dramatic, yet relaxing. Image:

Frame molding headboard

To create this elegant look, cut molding to the desired size and then drill the pieces to the wall. Molding is available in wood, polystyrene (which is a hard plastic) and MDF. You can then paint the cut molding any color. Molding creates architectural detail and defines each area.

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wrought iron headboard

This New York beach house is light and airy. Image:

Wrought iron headboard

Wrought iron headboards are beautiful – and expensive. However, you can find wrought iron railing at flea markets, online and at places that sell outdoor furniture and fences. Unlike some other types of headboard material, wrought iron is durable and easy to clean. While wrought iron is available in a variety of patterns, none of them are bulky, which is an advantage in small spaces.

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map headboard

This Mumbai bedroom is stylish and exotic. Image:

Global headboard

The floor-to-ceiling world map in this bedroom serves as the headboard and the focal piece. The map also pulls all of the colors in the room together (including the red pumps on the floor). This type of wall mural requires a smooth surface. In lieu of using a primer, flat latex paint is best for creating the right surface. You’ll also need to mix and apply paste to each panel before hanging.